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Детали объявления The product is an antipyretic and analgesic. and has the effects of relieving fever and relieving pain. It is mainly used for treating common cold Headache toothache muscle pain arthralgia and rheumatic arthralgia.

Usage and dosage: oral administration: 0.25g each time, 0.75 鈮?1.25g per day. Nasal drip: antipyrexia in children is often infused with 10% 鈮?20% solution, under 5 years of age, 1 or 2 drops per nostril at a time, and the appropriate dosage is over 5 years old. Intramuscular injection: 0.25 g / kg / kg

Product Presentation

product name Metamizole sodium

Chinese chemical name

[(2,3-浜屾阿-1,5-浜岀敳鍩?3-姘?2-鑻熀-1H-鍚″攽-4-鍩? 鐢叉皑鍩篯 鐢茬兎纾洪吀閽?/p>

English chemical name

Sodium [(2,3-

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