Customized 5D Movie Theater Seats


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▲ Guangzhou Yingda Technology Co., Ltd

Yingda 4DMAX is leading creative manufacturer of 3D/4D/5D theater&VR simulator for nearly 10years, our headquarter&factory was established in 2010 in Beijing, we did start new branch office in Guangzhou in 2017, our main products are 3D/4D/5D theater, 9D VR simulator&home theater in our factory, we have gained full range of products patent completely, including product body design, electric motion platform, etc, we can ensure top quality product for clients by passing quality certificates of TUV/CE/ISO, the main point is to help supply one-stop service for your VR&3D/4D/5D theater business, also offering full theater design solution for clients in the world

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