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CGV valve is one of the leading valve manufacturers and engineered solution company in China,It origin from Wenzhou city, China,It was set up in 2002, covers an area of 21000 square meters, where employs about 205 employees including 10 technical staffs, furnished with 250 sets of machine tools, CGV valve integrates the design, production, examination, sales and service as whole for the valve industry.

CGV valve specialize in designing and manufacture the Ball valve, Gate valve, Globe valve,Butterfly valve, Forged valves and other Valves with working pressure varying from 150Lb锝?500Lb(0.1MPa锝?2MPa),the diameter from 1/4鈥濓綖80鈥?DN6锝濪N2000),The working temperature from -196鈩冿綖680鈩?strictly according to the standards

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