Wholesale Three Fingers Men Snowboard Gloves


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Our story starts in 1987 with our CEO and founder, Miss Zhao, a very famous designer of gloves in Jining city. Her dream that sports lovers, men and women, boy and girl, could play outdoors everyday, regardless of the weather. As a lover of designer, she found Jiaxiang Sanli Gloves Co.,Ltd; In 2002 years, found Jining Sanli Glove Co.,Ltd.

From 2002 years to now, we expand our business every year. And by 2020 years, we have one headquarter factory and one branch factory, total over 200 workers, total produce over 3000 000 pairs gloves and mitts every year. We are top 3 of gloves suppliers in Jining city. http://www.sanliglove.com/

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